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Welcome to my short and informative bio, my names Chris but to my friends I'm known as Mr P.

I'm a self taught artist and paint in many mediums including Oils, Watercolour and Acrylics, I paint a lot from my imagination as well as reference based art but I do prefer to have fun with my imagination when I can which is what you will find mostly on the products we sell on this site.

I hail from North England in the overcast climate of Cumbria close to the picturesque town of Penrith where I own a Tattoo Parlour aptly named Mr P's Tattoo Parlour.

During my spare time you'll find me sat in front of an easel painting to my hearts content.

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A great deal of time and devotion has been spent designing all the products within our range to bring you quality goods at a decent price range. all in the hope that you like something enough to bring it into your home or even present it to a loved one or friend as a gift.

I truly hope you like my Art and thanks for taking time to read this.

Chris Pearson.

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