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Sunday Enlightenment

I finally got round to framing one of these prints to see the full effect of it and i'm over the moon with it, its strange at first to see your work all framed up and ready to hang on the wall but its also nice to see the end product.

After years of painting and hanging them only in my Tattoo Parlour (Mr P's Tattoo Parlour) for customers to see and hopefully appreciate its a hard thing to take the leap in the hope that more people appreciate your art and hopefully appreciate it enough to invest in it and hang them in their houses to view each day. I think a lot of Artists are this way inclined and scared as to how the world will react to their art and whether they'll be greeted with open arms.

This makes the subject of my first print even more appropriate as it depicts the Buddha at the Point of Enlightenment his body wrought with starvation after three years of fasting he reached the point of Enlightenment and discovered the truth about life.

For me this print marks a new and exciting path in life, embarking on a new venture and hoping the world appreciates my vision of it.

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