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It's by no means an easy life as an Artist, not only do you have to fit it in around your job and other responsibilities but add a couple of young children into the mix and you can have a full recipe for disaster and believe me when I say these are some of my best moments.

So here's how it works:- just at the point you're getting relaxed into the painting your presently doing the kid's decide to perform a pincer movement and surround you. My youngest daughter decides to jump up beside me and continuously point at the painting and tell me where to paint and what colour to use whilst my older daughter comes at me from behind firing off questions like a machine gun incapable of running out of ammo.

Whilst all this is going on I have to find that inner peace that only the Buddha was capable of summoning at a minutes notice, as much as it make for hard work and breaks your concentration every ten minutes these are best moments in life and to be honest who doesn't need a bit of direction and questioning at times maybe they are the whole reason I mange to achieve what I do in Art.

But to achieve where I want this website and my Art to take me i think it may be time for a proper Artist Studio.........WATCH THIS SPACE....................

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