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A lot of work is involved.

I've been working hard since Christmas on these two prints. due to my other business I'm generally tattooing four days a week and most nights I get a couple of hours to paint if I'm lucky. Throw my two daughters into that mix and as you can imagine I'm a very busy man to say the least.

Most people think that once you've done a painting then that's it but believe me it isn't, first you have to get a good picture of the artwork which if you ask any artist isn't the easiest thing to do then once you have the picture I spend countless hours on my laptop connected to my printer getting the tones and lighting just right along with the type of paper I am going to use on the desired print.

Then once I have all that done its time to list it on my website and begin to look at how and where to advertise it. All of this usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks per painting. This may look like I'm moaning on about a busy life but believe me when I say I'm not I simply want you to know the determination and drive that goes into creating a single piece of art.

Thanks for reading


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